Remote Services

Not in Oregon, or can’t meet up with us in person? No problem! We offer a unique program for owners located outside of our business range: the opportunity to receive remote consultations.

Remote Consulting

We offer remote consultations via internet (such as Skype, Google Voice, email, etc – you choose the format!) and/or phone to our clients outside of our business range. Our remote consultations cover everything from behavioral problems (such as reactivity and/or fear related issues) to basic obedience (such as puppy/kitten training). You will receive all of the support and benefits of our “in-person” pet parents, but instead of meeting in-person we will work with you remotely!

Please be aware: while we do our best to set up all of our clients with a Training Plan, certain behavioral issues may not qualify for remote services because of the severity of the case. If you would like remote services but aren’t sure if you qualify, please reach out to us anyway – we will be able to tell you how to move forward and what to expect. Depending on your location, we may be able to work with a local trainer who can help you and your animal, or we may be able to recommend a local trainer who specializes in the type of training your pet needs. In all cases, you will not be charged for anything by us unless you enroll in a Training Plan.


Remote Services are charged at a rate of $30-70/session. Final rate is determined based on case complexity. Estimates can be provided.

To inquire about remote services, please Contact Us today!

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