We offer a wide range of services to help horses and their owners, including assisting with equine behavioral problems, riding lessons, and helping riders overcome confidence or fear-related issues.

At this time, we do not have schooling horses. Therefore, we can only offer horseback riding lessons to individuals who own a horse or have access to a horse to ride. These lessons can improve riding levels, address riding challenges, and/or fix horse behavior issues. We can travel to you or provide remote instruction through video.

Our equine behavioral services are ideal for clients who need assistance dealing with behavioral issues with their horse, are looking to retrain a horse, or are looking to improve their riding. Whether it’s handling behavioral issues on the ground or under saddle, overcoming fear and/or frustration, or basic riding lessons, we can help! We use proven, scientific horse learning principles and equine biomechanics to modify a horse’s behavior, all while prioritizing your relationship with your horse. Riders of all disciplines and levels are welcome. Our philosophy is to teach owners along with their horses in order to best preserve and enhance the human-horse bond.

Our equine specialist, Dr. B, has 20+ years of experience riding and training horses. Dr. B has trained with professional trainers from all over the world. She taught horseback riding lessons and was the head trainer and manager at a show barn prior to graduate school. However, Dr. B’s true passion lies in helping horses and their owners have a long-lasting, quality relationship. Whether you’re looking to show at high levels or looking for an all-around companion, Dr. B would love to help you!

In addition to being an internationally recognized equine behaviorist, she has worked with a variety of horses (mustangs, OTTBs, minis, drafts, stallions, foals, and more!) and riders to meet their training goals. She has trained in multiple riding disciplines and taught riders from all walks of the equine world, including classical dressage, natural horsemanship, barrel racing, jumping, trail riding/hunting, and “just for fun” riders. Dr. B believes that every horse can teach her something and her students have always appreciated her down-to-earth attitude, professionalism, and clear communication style. While she loves all horses, she particularly enjoys working with American Mustangs and is the proud owner and trainer of a mustang named Annie.

Her work and expertise have been featured in the New York Times, Science Daily, Alter Equus, University veterinary and animal science programs, equine welfare and training conferences, and ethical equitation/equine behavior publications. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!


Lessons have a flat rate of $50.00/hour plus mileage (50 cents per mile) – group lesson discounts available!

Behavioral evaluations and training recommendations (remote and in-person available): Flat rate of $45.00 for initial consultation and training plan, $30.00/hour for follow-up consultations

To inquire about horse training and/or horseback riding lessons and to make an appointment, please Contact Us today!

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