Dogs, Cats, and other Pets

We offer a wide range of services to help pets of all species and their owners. Whether your pet needs obedience training or treatment for a severe behavioral issue, we are here to help.

Our behavioral consulting and training is ideal for clients looking to treat behavioral problems and/or train their pet. Our pet parents and their animals enjoy customized, one-on-one training designed to fit individual goals, schedules, and needs, along with unlimited assistance and support. Better yet, we will come to you and can work with your pet while you are at work or on vacation!

We offer training and treatment for a variety of issues, including separation anxiety, excessive fear or stress, aggression, leash reactivity/problems on walks, destructive behaviors, obedience/training issues, and more!

We are happy to work with you, your pet, and, if needed, your veterinarian to design a plan that will address the problems you are facing and fix them.

We offer “drop-in” services and in-person services. Our drop-in sessions involve us traveling to your pet in order to provide training while you are away. Our in-person sessions require you to be more involved, but don’t fret! We will give you all of the tools and assistance you need. Most of our pet parents mix sessions based on their needs; we will design a training schedule just for you and your pet. If you’d like more information on our training plans, visit the Services Homepage or contact us today.


All drop-in and in-person training sessions are charged at a rate of $30-75/session plus a mileage fee for pets located outside of Corvallis, OR or Salem, OR. Final rate is determined based on case complexity. Estimates can be provided.

To inquire about Behavioral Consulting and Training for Dogs, Cats, and/or other pets and to make an appointment, please contact us today!

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