If you are with a professional animal service, such as a zoo, shelter, sanctuary, production facility, or a research company, we are happy to offer consulting services regarding animal behavior, welfare, and/or research. We also offer psychology research consultations for research companies and government agencies/groups.

Here at Pet Parenting Consultants we are happy to work with businesses. We can assist you with animal welfare needs, behavioral programs, training programs, and more! Further, all of our specialists have published in peer-reviewed journals and have experience consulting on data analysis and statistics for behavior research, working with businesses to answer complex behavior questions. We have worked with shelters, veterinary clinics, zoos, production facilities, and wild animals sanctuaries. We also have extensive experience with professional working animal companies and agencies. Our behaviorists regularly consult on matters related to data analysis and management as well as complex research methodologies.

Please contact us today with any questions or to schedule an initial consultation!


Pricing details to be negotiated.

Are you a business owner or manager who is interested in partnering with us? We’d love to hear from you! Contact us today.

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