1. What methods do you use to modify animal behavior?

We use methods that are scientifically proven to be beneficial and effective in treating behavioral problems and in training your animal. While the exact approach will vary depending on your animal’s needs and individuality, our priority is to find the most effective and safest way to modify an animal’s behavior. For this reason we generally use positive reinforcement methods. We understand that the bond you have with your pet is important, and we set you and your pet up for success.

2. What if I have more than one animal?

That’s fine! We can help. If you have more than one animal who needs behavioral assistance, you will not be charged for any additional training sessions (we charge by the hour, not the number of animals). When you fill out an appointment request form, please put in the comments that you are seeking assistance for more than one animal. We can discuss the details with you when we schedule your initial consultation.

3. Why do I have to fill out an Appointment Request Form, and what happens after I do?

You are not required to fill out an Appointment Request form in order to make an appointment – you may email or call us to schedule an appointment. These request forms allow our behaviorists to review your case prior to your initial session so they can begin to create a training plan.

Once a request is received, we will review your case and contact you to schedule an initial session. Once an appointment is scheduled, we will send you any special instructions. We respond to all inquiries within 1-2 business days of receiving them.

4. What can I expect during our first training session?

During the initial session, we will meet with you and your animal (location to be determined depending on owner/pet location, or done remotely), gather additional information about the animal, go over your goals, witness any of the behavioral problems in action (if it is safe and possible to do so), and answer any and all questions you may have. The initial session is where we gather any and all information pertinent to your animal’s behavior, so we ask that you be as honest as possible and come prepared to give as many details as you can. If you have the behavior problems caught on camera, please bring the footage to the appointment.

After the initial consultation, we will design a customized training plan for your pet. This is a plan that will outline a training approach for us and you to follow in order to address your pet’s needs; we custom create this plan to best suit your schedule, level of involvement, budget, and experience as well as your pet’s needs. It will contain any relevant instructions for you, your family, and any friends/visitors (if applicable) and will outline the number of training sessions we believe will be needed to meet your goals.

A hard copy of this plan is provided to you within 48 hours of the initial session; however please note the training plan will likely require adjustments as your animal’s training continues, your schedule changes, something comes up (such as a new job, move, etc), and/or if additional expertise is needed (in the case of severe behavioral problems). Updates or changes to the plan will be provided at no additional cost. In addition, you will receive unlimited support from your behaviorist: you will be able to text, call, or email your pet’s behaviorist throughout the course of your time with us if you run into any unexpected problems, questions, or concerns.

5. How long does training take?

The exact timeline for treating a behavioral issue and training an animal varies depending on the behavior modification needed, the individual animal, and owner cooperation. Your training plan will outline roughly how long we believe it will take. Patience is key! Good, effective, long-term solutions can take time. 

6. Can I pick a behaviorist, or will one be assigned to me?

If you have a particular behaviorist that you want to work with, that’s great! You can email that specialist directly from our Meet the Team page in order to schedule a consultation.

Otherwise, once a request is received we will review it and assign a behaviorist who is best suited for your case. Depending on the situation, more than one behaviorist may work with your pet in order to best address the behavior.

7. Will you train my animal for me?

Yes and no. Depending on the behavioral problem and the training plan, you may be more or less involved; some pets will make progress with only their owner and guidance from the behaviorist, while others work almost entirely with only the behaviorist. Your behaviorist will review all options with you and will design a plan that best suits you and your pet.

8. Do you use any medication?

Only a licensed veterinarian can prescribe medication. In some cases, we may recommend visiting your veterinarian to rule out any health issues or to inquire about medication that can be used in conjunction with behavioral treatment. If your animal is already on medication, we are happy to work with your veterinarian if needed.

9. How much does it cost?

All training sessions have a flat rate of $50 an hour, with a small mileage fee added to cover travel costs to locations outside of Corvallis, Oregon. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, remote consultations are currently being offered at a rate of $30 an hour.

10. How do you bill me, and can I cancel an appointment?

You can pay your bill in person (via cash, check, or card) or online; whatever is easier for you! We send invoices through email or can provide them to you at appointments. If you have on-going services such as continual training or services that last longer than a month, you can choose your payment schedule (for example, paying for four training sessions at a time) and we will bill you accordingly.

Payment for training sessions are due within ten days or can be paid in-person with your behaviorist. A late fee will be applied for every day after the ten day limit.

If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please give your behaviorist a 24 hour notice in order to prevent any charges; same-day cancelations will be billed at the full rate.

11. I sent an appointment request for my pet but I haven’t heard back. What should I do?

We try to respond to all requests within 1-3 business days of receiving them. If you have not heard from us within that timeframe, we apologize! It’s possible that your inquiry was “eaten” by our inbox. Please reach out to one of our behaviorists directly or fill out a contact form to let us know. Include your full name, email, and/or phone number so we can attempt to find your original inquiry and can get in touch with you.

If you still haven’t heard from us, double check to make sure our responses aren’t going to your spam folder. You can also reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram.

12. I emailed you a question about my pet’s weird behavior/why my pet does XYZ/general questions about animal behavior, but I haven’t heard back. How come?

All of our clients are free to email, call, or text their behaviorist as needed for any reason; if you are a client and can’t get ahold of your behaviorist, please reach out to one of the other behaviorists (include your name, pet’s name, your email/phone, and your behaviorist’s name) to inquire.

Unfortunately, while we do our best to respond to all emails, with our caseload we do not have the ability to give informal consultations. In addition, behavioral problems are often highly individualized and blanket solutions may or may not solve your pet’s problem. If you need behavioral assistance, we offer a variety of options for owners (including remote services, camps/clinics, and periodic training classes). If you have questions about our process, please contact us.

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