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March Newsletter: Tips for Pet Parents During Covid-19


Tips for working from home with your pet

Establish a Routine Your pets may spend a large portion of the day sleeping while you’re at work. Avoid disturbing them when possible while they’re sleeping. Aim to wake up around the same time every day, and keep a consistent schedule. Feed them their meals at around the same time each day, and for dogs, try to walk them around a similar time.

Make sure your home is set up to keep your pets happy and comfortable. Create a hiding space for cats, and have your dog’s kennel or bed set up in a designated area. This gives them a space where they can relax, and if they have a space to go to, they may be less likely to bother you during conference calls!

Teach your pet a fun trick! Training can be mentally stimulating for both you and your pet. (For cats, training success often involves varying the reward – try foods like cat-safe baby food or canned tuna, and petting or verbal praise, until you find something your cat responds well to.)


Low cost enrichment ideas to keep your pets entertained, distracted, and happy

For Dogs:

Special Frozen Treats

Homemade Toys

Treat games using everyday items

For Cats:

Puzzles and Hiding Games

Cat TV and Music

Homemade Toys

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