Meet Our Behaviorist

Lauren Thielke, PhD

Specialty: Companion Animal Welfare, Canine Behavior

Dr. T completed her PhD in Animal Behavior at Oregon State University, where she worked with pet and shelter dogs, as well as cats and pigs. Her research focused primarily on attachment relationships, the human-animal bond, and evaluating canine behavior and welfare outcomes in pet and shelter dogs. She has also conducted research with dogs with separation anxiety, and has extensive experience working with dogs exhibiting symptoms of canine separation anxiety. Dr. T has worked with pet owners, adopters, and animal shelters to address problem behaviors in dogs. Before graduate school, she completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Zoology, where she conducted research on parental and courtship behavior in mice. She also completed an internship at Duke University’s Canine Cognition Center, where she conducted research that aimed to develop a series of tests for predicting success in both therapy dogs and military dog training programs.

Dr. T has always had a passion for working with animals, including dogs, cats, and rabbits. She has over 10 years of dog training and behavior modification experience. Prior to graduate school, she worked in a high-volume animal shelter and gained experience conducting behavior modification and training with dogs, cats, and rabbits. Her interests include improving animal welfare among pets and shelter animals and behavior modification and training with dogs, cats, and rabbits. Dr. T is working towards her CAAB and IAABC certifications and she is an active member of the Animal Behavior Society. She currently lives in Oregon with her dog Pumpkin.

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