About Us

Dr. Thielke and Dr. Brubaker are accomplished animal behaviorists and scientists. Both Dr. T and Dr. B have worked in animal shelters, animal training, served as instructors for professional animal training programs (such as E-Training for Dogs), animal assisted therapy, and veterinary clinics. In addition, they are respected behavioral science researchers and have worked with trainers, behaviorists, and scientists around the world to make new discoveries in the psychological sciences. Throughout their careers, they’ve had the opportunity to work with hundreds of people who were experiencing behavioral difficulties with their beloved pets. Their passion lies in helping owners, animal caretakers, and their animals improve their lives by conquering behavioral challenges.

Here at Pet Parenting Consultants, our mission is to make the scientific principles of animal behavior, training, and welfare accessible to everyday pet owners and caretakers. We want to help you with any animal behavioral problems you may be facing, whether you’re having trouble with basic obedience or more severe behavioral issues. We understand that these troubles are causing you stress, heartache, and frustration, and, by extension, are affecting the bond you have with your pet.

This is where we come in: we use proven, effective methods to solve animal behavior problems, improve the bond you have with your pet, and help you and your pet live fuller, happier lives. Whether you need assistance with your dog, cat, horse, cow, rabbit, or parrot, we are here for you! Better still: as pet owners ourselves we understand that you have budget and time constraints, so we are committed to working with your schedule at an affordable cost. All of our training plans are custom designed with you and your pet in mind, so you can rest easy knowing that you and your pet will get world-class attention and care.

Interested in learning more about our behaviorists? Visit the Meet the Team page!

What People Say

Dr. B was extremely helpful with my Aussie. She helped me conquer my dog’s problems on our walks (leash reactivity towards other animals and people) and help me with her basic obedience. I actually look forward to walking my dog now. I would highly recommend!

– Shelly S.

Dr. T is my life-saver. She was invaluable in fixing my dog’s aggression towards strangers and is so so good with him! His fear used to run our house – now he’s happy, calm, and we are finally stress-free!

– Laura B.

Dr. B and Dr. T helped me with my small pack of dogs and my 2 cats. They were so instrumental in bringing peace to our house when we adopted a new rescue that didn’t get along with the others. I can’t thank them enough!

Ken M.

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